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We know that your payment is important to you, so, we want you to be able to know what it will be when you want to know it.  Use this calculator to determine what your payment will be on different loan amounts and different loan terms.  You don't have to know the property taxes or PMI calculations. Just fill in the purchase price or home value (for a refinance), the amount you will be borrowering, the interest rate and number of years of the loan.  Any additional information that you want we will be happy to help you with. This should aid you in finding out what payment coordinates with what mortgage amount.  It also lets you see the difference that various programs make to your monthly payments.  Remember that you usually will have 1/12 of your yearly property taxes and 1/12 of your yearly homeowners insurance added into your payment.  Even if you choose to waive the escrow account and pay your taxes and insurance yourself, your debt to income ratio is calculated on those numbers and you should plan on saving that amount monthly for when they are due.

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