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Industry News

The mortgage industry has had major changes and rulings during the last 7 years.  The changes have been focused on protecting the consumers and making mortgage costs and fees more transparent.  Some of the rulings have applied to anyone offering residential mortgages in the United States and others have only applied to mortgage brokers and not to banks.  One of the newest changes is there are now circumstances where you are eligible to finance a home purchase just 1 year after a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. There are also ways for self-employed borrowers to qualify easier and sooner.We're happy to talk to you to see if this fits your situation!

The most recent changes are focused on making sure that borrowers will be able to afford their mortgage payments in the future and to help reduce new foreclosures.  A government agency,  the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, was formed to help protect home buyers and home owners.  They can help with problems with loan servicing companies as well as give you information about obtaining a mortgage.  They have made qualifications more detailed, but not impossible.  Some of the mortgage information in the news has been quite inaccurate.  Please call us with any questions!  We pride ourselves on knowing the latest information or where to get you the "real" answers.

About The Gordon Group, Inc.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that you should treat your personal finances the same way a large corporation treats theirs, with a Board of Directors. You should be the CEO and President, but you need a Director of Financial Planning, a Director of Tax Strategy, a Director of Legal Advice and a Director of Mortgage Management. We'd like to fill the last position on your Personal Corporate Board. If you didn't know that your mortgage needed managing, maybe you haven't worked with true Mortgage Professionals before. Can you afford to not work with the very best? Let us help improve your financial position for the present and the future, and you'll see the difference a mortgage specialist from The Gordon Group, Inc. can make in your life.

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 2000 by Pamela J. Gordon after being a partner in a very successful mortgage company for 4 years previously, and originating loans in the mortgage industry since 1990. We are devoted to providing individualized service to all of our borrowers. With that in mind, we continually look for the best sources of mortgage lending products throughout the United States. This enables us to offer our clients a vast array of mortgage programs to meet everyone's unique needs. We will always try to determine what is the best fit for your current financial goals.